Why Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Brushesandpouch final I don’t hear this talked about enough in the cosmetic industry, but your makeup brushes need to be cleaned periodically, and especially if you are a professional cosmetologist . In that situation you’d be using the same brushes for a variety of people and so proper sterilization procedures are a must. But even if you’re not a beautician, and you’re the only one using your cosmetic makeup set, you will want to uphold hygienic standards and keep them washed periodically. Just how often depends how much you use them but once a week is good to start with if you apply makeup fairly regularly.

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Every time one of your essential brushes is used, particles of makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria can find themselves trapped between your brushes bristles. Unfortunately, this can cause breakouts and clogged pores, and, if used on more than one person, the transmission of bacteria. Most cosmetologists agree that all essential brushes should be cleaned biweekly, and at a minimum monthly.If you find yourself having excessive breakouts or overtly oily skin, you may find it helpful to wash your brushes weekly. This will ensure your makeup brush set remains soft and clear of dead skin cells, bacteria, and makeup remnants.

How To Clean Your Cosmetic Brushes

Start out by gathering the brushes and a few other items you will need. Your workspace should be a shallow bowl to hold lukewarm water. Then, a gentle clarifying shampoo or even baby shampoo product. Though you may be tempted to use conditioner to ensure your brush remains soft, it is often believed to be too abrasive. Finally, make sure you have a dry lint-free cloth or hand towel. Begin by running lukewarm water over one brush. Usually you’ll clean brushes one at a time though smaller brushes can be cleaned in a bundle of 2 or 3.After the brush is thoroughly wet you can add shampoo in drops of one or two directly to the bristles. Now At this point, begin to massaging the soap gently into the brush with your fingers. Next, using lukewarm water and a circular motion, rub the brush hairs in the palm of your hand while rinsing the shampoo until the water starts to run clear. Make sure you aren’t pulling on any of the brush hairs during this process. Continue doing this with each brush making sure that you rinse them thoroughly so as not to leave any bacteria or soap residue in the bristles. Next you’ll need to remove as much water as you can by pinching your fingers at the base of your brush, and pushing downward towards the tip. After you’ve squeezed out as much as you can, rub the brushes gently on your lint-free towel. You may even need to fold the towel over the brush and move it in the same motion as you did with your fingers before. Be sure to do this gently though so as not to pull on the hairs too much and separate them from the ferrel. Have an additional towel ready to lay each brush upon as you finish the process above.Spread your brushes over this towel to dry overnight, making sure they are not used until they are completely dried. Don’t be tempted to use a hair dryer to speed up the process as this will damage the brush hairs and leave them stiff. Once dry, your makeup brushes have been thoroughly cleaned and are ready for use.

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